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Going Nowhere At Dulwich College

Leading up to an incredible rowing challenge taken on by six-year 10 students here at Dulwich College and Sydenham we hosted MyStart exhibition “Going Nowhere” in the James Caird Hall for one week. Our students from Year 7 to Year 13 benefited from workshops in the exhibition run by teachers from the charity. These teachers work both in London in the field in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya – the second biggest camp in the work with the average person spends 17 years of their life.


“Going Nowhere” focused on Emmanual Jal’s (former South Sudanese child soldier) philosophy “My Life is Art”. This concept takes on many meanings at Kakuma Refugee Camp and the theme was used as a tool to explore past trauma, present challenges and future goals for those living at the camp. What also emerged was how resilience and the art of creating have become an integral part of how people adjust to their lives at the camp; through their environment, living arrangements, work, and creative expression as well as a focal point for projecting hope.

The exhibition included film and artifacts created in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya by the people living there.

Rowing Nowhere!

To raise money and awareness our wonderful students “Rowed Nowhere” on an ergo machine for 24hours. This began at 5pm on Friday evening and ended 5pm Saturday. Each rower spent 4hours consecutively on the machine without a break. Gabriel Rahman year 10 who spearheaded this incredible endeavour took the 1am – 5am slot. Gabriel and his team have raised over £13000 for Mystart.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank the students and staff at Dulwich College and Kakuma refugee camp, you are making change happen!
A special thanks to our amazing rowers, Gabriel, Laure, Wolfgang, Darcy, Christian and Hugo. Finally, we are overwhelmed by the incredible generosity of those that have sponsored “Gowing Nowhere”. This will truly change so many lives. Mystart is a small but mighty charity. We are hands on ensuring at least annual trips to the camp to sustain and build our projects there”.

Amy and Tania Campbell-Golding
Co-directors of MyStart

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