We believe that creative learning is integral to every young person’s social and emotional development, but in particular to those who have been isolated from mainstream education and affected by conflict and trauma.

My Start is an educational arts project founded in 2011 with the purpose of tackling the subject of conflict and displacement in a unique way; we run youth focused art and film programmes to share refugee stories, encourage empathy and compassion.

We are a programme in partnership with Gua Africa and we work in Kakuma Refugee camp and schools across the UK.


The art and films created in Kakuma serves as a powerful resource for students in the UK to engage first-hand with the refugee experience, presented through their perspective and expression.

We lead assemblies and organise workshops in UK schools to encourage and build communication links between their students and ours in the camps.

Having established a solid network we are always looking to expand our UK schools' base and welcome new schools to contact us and engage with the work we do!