“The person with creative literacy — a basic understanding of the mental, emotional, and sociological tools used for creative thought and communication — is able to find purpose and apply meaning to her world rather than having meaning handed down and purpose assigned to her.” Dustin Timebrook

My Start is a Creative Arts project in partnership with Gua Africa.

“It is important to tell our stories as refugees, to express ourselves, to be heard.”
David Thok Koang, 16 years old, South Sudanese refugee

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My Story

The workshops enable young refugees to express themselves in a fun and dynamic way, as well as reflect upon their experiences and challenging circumstances. The exhibitions allow these stories to be shared and acts as a powerful, visual resource in the camp and UK schools.

My Art

We strongly believe Creative learning is integral to all young people’s social and emotional development. Art celebrates and values the individual. This is particularly important for displaced people trying to reclaim their sense of identity and purpose that has been lost in the abyss of war and suffering.

Gua Africa

Gua Africa is dedicated to promoting education in Africa. Founded by South Sudanese former child soldier, refugee, activist and performer Emmanuel Jal, it promotes education in Africa through academic sponsorships, vocational training and leadership courses for refugees. They have projects in both Kenya and South Sudan. Since the outbreak of violence in December 2013 their work in South Sudan has shifted to supporting youth displaced in Kakuma Refugee Camp. My Start, also operating in Kakuma, is a project for Gua that is mobilising one of Emmanuel’s core principles; that creativity is an invaluable tool for utilising young people’s social, emotional development and Art has the power to present situations from individual perspectives to challenge existing views.
Emmanuel Jal