You are currently viewing “LandEscape” – Refugee Week 2019 @ Friday Sari Project

“LandEscape” – Refugee Week 2019 @ Friday Sari Project

LandEscape: Friday SARI project

During Refugee Week 2019 we hosted our ‘LandEscape’ exhibition at the Friday Sari project space in Dulwich village.

Teaching in the desert has its challenges; it is a hostile terrain where it is difficult to sustain life. Everything has a thorn. There is also incredible beauty and solace and, in ways, if you know how to look, this can be true of almost anywhere.

In 2018 we undertook a series of workshops around the themes of landscape, isolation and barriers at Kakuma with a group of around 40 students at the camp.

LandEscape then became the focal point of our Refugee Week exhibition where we invited schools from across London to take part in workshops and learn about the plight of refugees living in extreme circumstances at the camp.

If you would like to undertake your own LandEscape project click HERE

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