Back in the UK we display a thoughtfully curated exhibition of Art, Sculpture, Photography and Film in schools; sharing the complex and challenging nature of life in Kakuma by those who live and breathe it.
It acts as a compelling, visual resource that can be used across the curriculum to support learning on conflict and conflict resolution, displacement and migration and in addition promotes peace, tolerance and empathy. The exhibition encourages students to share and discuss their views as well as challenge misconceptions and existing perspectives, which is particularly relevant in the UK’s increasingly global community.
The schools are encouraged to create response work which includes visual diaries and messages for the refugees in Kakuma that are then taken back to the camp and exhibited there. My Start has successfully connected this remote refugee camp to a number of London schools and helped forge a relationship of support and solidarity.
We offer a range of different options from running assemblies and workshops as well as encouraging communication links between students and young people in Kakuma. Many schools create ‘response work’ which we take back and exhibit in Kakuma. We continue to return to a number of London schools on an annual basis with new collections of Art and Film work.

Host an exhibition in your school

How it works:

First contact us at to arrange a suitable week for us to come in.

Then we will work with you to find the most convenient way/place to display the exhibition in the school premises.

On the agreed dates we set up the exhibition and take it down afterwards!

We also offer workshops and assemblies-just ask!
The exhibition is also accompanied by School Resources that maximises your student’s engagement with the exhibition. Simply download them from the website and we will be happy to go through them with your staff.
The benefits of hosting an exhibition in your school
Cost: £500
We suggest the cost of the exhibition is split between participating subject departments or fund-raised. All money raised goes towards developing and sustaining our projects. Please contact us if you would like to book in a week during the academic year to host the exhibition and for any other enquiries.