Masks (click on ‘Masks’ for a link to a short video to see the masks in all their glory!) Deep box frame: width 21.5cms, length 28cms, depth 9cms. Paper mache mask made from ripped up old school exercise books, mashed in a bucket with water using feet, layered in gold & silver leaf paper and bedazzled with rhinestones. Professionally framed, the piece is set in a deep, thick, black stained, wooden box-frame with gold wood inlay. It is glass fronted with a secure hanging back. Light enough to hang on a wall, chunky enough to stand on its own. This is the Sailing Master from the Hidden Treasure series. Many refugees feel like a wasted, valuable resource, hidden from view and the media stage, forgotten, living in the sandy wilderness of Kakuma. The masks are made by lots of children in the camp, led by Ethiopian artist Cuba, to uphold the tradition of African mask making. As wood is scarce and prioritised for building, the masks were made using old books instead. The Art Collective took these objects and reinvented them, inspired by the idea of hidden pirate treasure.