The Astro dolls are part of the Otherworldly collection; a concept explored by our artists looking and re-defining their ‘alien status’, a term given to them as refugees not belonging to the countries they have fled to. Arriving in Kakuma, a barren, arid place in the middle of nowhere, felt for many, like coming to a new planet. With scorching temperatures that rise to 47 degrees Celsius, located in remote and isolated terrain, Kakuma feels like another, less habitable world. Our film group made a science-fiction film set in the Kakuma landscape (check out DOGO in our Film Gallery). Our art groups also created pieces on the same theme and made these beautiful, astro dolls that resemble the Muslim women in the refugee communities and ancient queens. A perfect mini addition to your home; adorn a coffee table, mantelpiece or a child’s bedroom with your astro-doll! Each doll is hand made using papier mache, glitter and sparkle by our very young artists (aged 5-12 years) Comes with a painted wooden base and a glass astro-dome Sizes vary: bases 12cms, 10cms and 9cms


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