Rubbish is an abundant resource in Kakuma, whole areas of the camp are mountains of disgarded packaging and left over scraps that the goats enjoy scavenging amoungst. Like most of the camp’s population, our Art Collective like to ‘make-do’ and collect anything thrown away as it could be hidden treasure! These handmade pots were once old water bottles, yogurt pots and plasic containers, now remodelled into beautiful, scuptural pots that would be a unique and striking edition to your mantlepiece or home. The money made on each sold pot will go directly to its maker. Most of the collective are keen to persue higher educational oppurtunites on offer available for a small fee in the camp. One pot would pay for 1 year in school or college or enable them to provide that for a family member. Made by Charles Nhial, originally from South Sudan, now living in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya. Size: large Papier mache and white paint


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